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Tuition is an hourly price based on 32 classes per school year which we have divided into 10 equal installments.

We utilize "Vantiv", an automated billing system for all payments. Each account holder must provide the studio with a debit or credit card that we bill tuition to on the first day of each month. Checks are accepted but must be received before the first of the month to avoid charges going on your credit card.

It is the account holder’s responsibility to keep payment information current. If tuition remains unpaid after the 1st day of the month,a $30 late charge will be assessed. No refunds will be given for registration fees or tuition. We do not pro-rate or refund for missed classes. Students may make up missed classes within a two month period.

Registration Fee:
$50.00 for the first student
$40.00 each additional sibling

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