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Students are to arrive NO MORE THAN 10 MINUTES EARLY and be picked up promptly when class is over. Students under the age of 10 should be walked into the studio and supervised by a parent until their teacher is ready to begin class. THE CITY OF LIGHTHOUSE POINT HAS INSTITUTED AN OCCUPANCY LIMIT AT THIS LOCATION. A "late pick up fee" of one dollar per minute will now have to be added to the account holder's monthly charges.

Our dress code is black leotard (no attached skirt, please!) for all classes. Pink tights for ballet, tan tights may be worn for other clases. Black jazz or yoga pants or shorts (no sweats or other colors) may be worn for jazz, tap, hip hop, and acro. Hair is in a bun (with hairnet and bobby pins) for all ballet classes.

Students register for the season that runs from August to May. Tuition is an hourly price based on 32 classes per school year which we have divided into ten equal installments. In most cases, extra classes are built in for emergency weather closures.

Realdance utilizes "Vantiv", an automated billing system for all payments. Each account holder must provide the studio with a debit or credit card that we bill tuition to on the first day of each month.

It is the account holder's responsibility to keep payment information current. If your card is declined on the first of the month, a $30 fee will automatically be assessed to your account.

Tuition is non-refundable.

There will be no refunds or pro-rating for missed classes. Students may make up their missed classes when there is an appropriate class available.

Your child will be cast in one recital routine per dance hour, requiring one costume, which they will be measured for in November. Our measurements and your size recommendation will be considered when ordering their costume. When in doubt, we will get the larger size.

Costume forms must be turned in before Thanksgiving break. If the form is not returned and full payment not received, no costume(s) will be ordered.

All important dates are on the cover page of this website. Please make a note of them.

Good attendance is required in order to participate in our spring recital. Excessive absence may result dismissal from the performance.

All drivers will respect the time limits of the designated drop off/pick up parking spots provided in front of the studio.

Due to maximum allowable occupancy, there may be days where parent observation of classes on the closed circuit television system may not be possible and parents may be asked to pick up their child when their class ends instead of waiting inside the studio for the duration of the class.

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